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Welcome all WinterWitch (BuckyxWanda) shippers here
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Aug 25, 2016


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WinterWitch - Let Me See You [alternate version] by Gatergirl79 WinterWitch - Let Me See You [alternate version] :icongatergirl79:Gatergirl79 0 0 WinterWitch - Let Me See You by Gatergirl79 WinterWitch - Let Me See You :icongatergirl79:Gatergirl79 2 4 WinterWitch header by CapBuckyMaximoff WinterWitch header :iconcapbuckymaximoff:CapBuckyMaximoff 4 1 Avengers Infinity War - The Winter Soldier by ggreuz Avengers Infinity War - The Winter Soldier :iconggreuz:ggreuz 10 0 Avengers Infinity War - Scarlet Witch by ggreuz Avengers Infinity War - Scarlet Witch :iconggreuz:ggreuz 8 0 Wanda and Bucky by CapBuckyMaximoff Wanda and Bucky :iconcapbuckymaximoff:CapBuckyMaximoff 5 1 WinterWitch Civil War Poster by CapBuckyMaximoff WinterWitch Civil War Poster :iconcapbuckymaximoff:CapBuckyMaximoff 2 2 Winter and His Witch by CapBuckyMaximoff Winter and His Witch :iconcapbuckymaximoff:CapBuckyMaximoff 1 1 Winter Witch - We are werewolves by DamageDoneIsForever Winter Witch - We are werewolves :icondamagedoneisforever:DamageDoneIsForever 6 5 Little Red Wolf by welsharcher Little Red Wolf :iconwelsharcher:welsharcher 9 15 Bucky and Wanda (werewolves) by amoore450 Bucky and Wanda (werewolves) :iconamoore450:amoore450 5 4 Scarlet Witch and Werewolf: Impossible Love by Ysydora Scarlet Witch and Werewolf: Impossible Love :iconysydora:Ysydora 7 1 Wanda and Bucky: All together by Ysydora Wanda and Bucky: All together :iconysydora:Ysydora 4 1 Winter Soldier-Bucky: Allies by Ysydora Winter Soldier-Bucky: Allies :iconysydora:Ysydora 5 2 Scarlet Witch: Enemy or Ally? by Ysydora Scarlet Witch: Enemy or Ally? :iconysydora:Ysydora 7 1 Wanda Maximoff and Bucky Barnes by Jasontodd1fan Wanda Maximoff and Bucky Barnes :iconjasontodd1fan:Jasontodd1fan 12 13









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Its been awhile since I've had points, spread the word if you would like some too, just click the link

starts from now until summer…
Hey everyone, sorry I've kind of been missing in action, life can be a crazy train but I'm ready to get back to what's important. Lets keep the love for Winterwitch going and this group going as well with new members
Try number 2 on a Bucky/Wanda one shot is coming soon, working on that as we speak while waiting for the trailer for The She Wolf trilogy and rewriting the script
This is the Hunt

Bucky/Wanda one shot, Rated M. Must be 18 or Older in order to read.

Author's note: Plz tell me what u think. No negative, but honest critiques

Another sleepless night, just like every other night, ever since he can remember, ever since he joined what was left of the team. He was alone as was everyone else; Vision was gone…and so was Steve. He could still remember being just as helpless in stopping his longtime friend from dying at the hands of Thanos who had stabbed him. He knew it should have been him; he had caused so much pain as Hydra’s secret weapon…and remembered every face no matter how much they tried to make him forget. But there was one thing that he knew that he would never forget; Wanda’s.

He remembered it all too well when Vision had given his life to save Earth from Thanos as well and how broken she was when she fell to her knees when he was gone right in front of her before she could have a chance to say goodbye. He saw the tears she wept flow down her face when it happened and felt a huge part of him that wanted to console her. He knew what she felt, feeling that it should’ve been the other way around just like he did when he watched Steve die as well. After the battle was over and everything was all said and done now that the world was safe, King T’Challa gave those who needed time before returning to the states or couldn’t go back a welcome stay in the palace by The Queen who was very much grateful to The Avengers for their Bravery and all the sacrifices that they all made. For weeks after the World was saved, he kept watch over Wanda who never seemed to leave her room or even speak to anyone when she wasn’t locked inside. He wanted so much to help her since he knew that she too was one of Hydra’s secret weapons like her Brother who Steve had told him about that had died in Sokovia who was the only family that she had left by technicality.

Although one night, was a night that would change his life forever. When he saw her sneaking out of her room like a teenager, he almost didn’t follow her to where she was going, but he had a feeling in his gut that she needed someone to protect her and followed her as to where he lost her only to be attacked by a by a boar that had been about to kill him until a beast the size of a wild bear attacked it before cornering him against a tree and leaving just a claw mark on his face before disappearing when guards were on their way to find out what had happened. When he dreamt that night, he saw her memories and felt her pain and his body was in pain that he’d never felt before he woke in a cold sweat and looked in the mirror to see that his face scar was gone.

Unsure what to say, he said nothing to anyone but her one afternoon where she tried to walk away from him but he got to her before she could escape to her room and he demanded to know what happened before they ended up fighting where she almost tore off his new vibrainium arm and she told him to stay away before retreating to her room. While she was in the shower one morning, he found a werewolf book in her room where it filled in the blanks and just before he could ask her, she was still in the shower where he couldn’t help but feel aroused when he saw her beauty through the steamy water. Such beauty that he’d not ever seen on any woman. So lost in watching her, he almost didn’t get away with watching her when he dropped the book and hid. He couldn't help but be so nervous while blushing. It'd been so long since a woman made him feel this way.

Before Bucky could continue to think about her, he felt the pain that he felt in his dreams return, only this time it was happening while he was awake. He could feel his bones beginning to crack as he rushed to his bathroom to see what was happening to him. His eyes were turning from green to golden brown, his fingernails turning into razor sharp claws, his bones forming in way that were completely impossible as he fell to the floor on all fours as the transformation was finishing.

Meanwhile, Wanda was not far from Bucky's room and could hear loud sounds that seemed to frighten everyone away and she looked outside to see the full moon was out and decided that she did this to him and she needed to help him through this. She kicked down his down to see a four legged werewolf with his vibrainium arm and before she was to be charged by him, she began to run, hoping that he would chase her and he did as she could feel the pressence of the moon as well making her transform as well and she ran faster than she ever had before which made her transformation not hurt as much as it had the first night as a werewolf.

After getting away from anyone that they could harm and they were both in Werewolf form, they circled each other where it was just them and before he could attack, werewolf Wanda turned back into her human form before getting on her knees and raising her hand up to stop him. Werewolf Bucky was a little confused at first but then understood that she was not going to fight him and he just stood there.

"Let me help you, Bucky. I can help you if you let me." She said.

Werewolf Bucky laid on his stomach and he watched as she came up close to him and felt her hand touch his paw where he could see her memories again, only they weren't the ones she received from her childhood. She was watching him too! She watched his every move as much as he watched hers, even while he was alsleep and saw her dreaming of him kissing her.

With her help, werewolf Bucky still felt his paw in her hand and slowly turned back into his human form where he fell to the ground while sweaty and he didnt stop her from wrapping her arms around him.

"You will get through this, Sergeant. I promise." Wanda whispered to him as she held him in her arms.


And with that promise, she taught him everything about werewolves and what she knew and didn't leave one detail out. He thought he wouldn't make it through the first week without her, but he did since she was by his side when he needed her and if he asked for her which was alot but she didn't mind.

One sunny afternoon, they decided to go to a secret spot that Wanda led him to where it was a secret waterfall where she would come to be alone when she didn't want to be in the palace.

"Not a normal place to have a picnic, Wanda." He said as he was carrying the basket.

"Who said that this was supposed to be a normal day, Bucky?" She asked as she smiled at him.

Before he could answer her, he could see her slowly taking her blouse off and before he could say or form a sentence, there she stood in front of him, nude as if he was seeing her in the shower again and the saw her approaching him slowly.

"Don't be so surprised, Bucky. I know what you want. I've seen the way you look at me when you think that I'm not looking. I've been inside your head before remember?" She asked as she undid the buttons of his shirt.

"Wanda..." He started to say.

"I've seen what you see. I know that you want me. Don't think that I haven't thought about you either, especially that way." She whispered in his ear.

Before he could think to finish his sentence, her lips were softly pressed against his and he couldn't help himself. He dropped the basket as she jumped into the water and he took his clothes off as he watched her before joining her and swimming toward her where he took her into his arms and buried his face into her neck, planting heavy kisses while she ran her fingers through his hair as her legs wrapped around his waist.

He moved back to her lips before entering his with his hard member and her moans of passion drove him crazy since he knew that he'd wanted this since he first laid eyes on her.  They kept going until he knew that she was ready to stop.

When they did, they swam in the water for what felt like forever until they knew that it was time to go back and got dressed as they walked back to the palace hand in hand with the picnic basket that was still filled with food for the picnic.

They didn't know how long this or their gifts would last, but they didn't care as long as they were together.

Anyone here on Livejournal or Dreamwidth?
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